Climate Kerala

Climate Kerala is a project, under the PAMA Trust, created to conduct research on the impact on climate change in Kerala and other topics of interest to the people and mostly related to the atmosphere.

The project was created by me, Dr. V. Sasi Kumar, a scientist who worked in the Atmospheric Sciences Division (ASD) of the Centre for Earth Science Studies or CESS (now the National Centre for Earth Science Studies or NCESS), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, for about thirty years.

After leaving CESS at the end of the year 2007, I worked for SPACE for about one year in 2010-11 and then was the Executive Director of the Lightning Awareness and Research Centre, an NGO started by the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) for about two years, during which we conducted a state-wide awareness campaign on lightning hazard and was in discussion with a couple of other states to repeat it there and also to do some research in topics related to lightning. But the organisation closed down unexpectedly and left me without a platform to do research.

It was in these circumstances that I was invited to join PAMA Trust, which I did and launched this project under it.

One of the first major activities I plan to undertake under this is a major study of the impact of climate change on Kerala. This study, what we choose to call a “landscape”, will consist of two parts, namely, a “metric” part that consists of traditional scientific studies using measurements of physical parameters as its basis and a “non-metric” part that will be more closely related to the feelings and responses of human beings. Other studies planned to be done, subject to availability of funds include studies related to lightning activity in Kerala and a few other studies of general interest to the people of the state. These will be explained and discussed in our blog posts as and when they are to be implemented.

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We are a new project that is started to study climate change in Kerala in all its aspects. The study will start as soon as funding is available.

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