Welcome to Climate Kerala – an organisation to study the impact of climate change on Kerala state, India and to do research on climate and other topics

Climate Change and Kerala

Climate change is a global phenomenon – something that is the most important matter in today’s world. But its impact is not uniform all over the world. Moreover, the change can be halted only by united action of everyone on this planet. However, its impact will be felt by everyone including all plants and animals on this planet.

Small regions like Kerala, therefore, have two things to do: 1) Help in combating climate change by planting trees and reducing the use of fossil fuels along with the rest of the world; and 2) Understand the probable impacts of climate change in the region and prepare to mitigate its effects.

ClimateKerala is an NGO designed to do research work of different kinds. The first work it has taken up is to strengthen Kerala’s response to climate change by consolidating and expanding present knowledge related to the drivers and impacts of climate change on Kerala. This, it proposes to do by taking into account not only mesurements and scientific studies conducted by different organisations (what we call metric knowledge), but also what human beings see and feel (beyond metrics).

We shall discuss this project in detail on its own page once we have finalised the methodology and other details.


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